A Message From The Taino Elders Caney Longhouse

Our Traditional Taino Spirituality Shall No Longer be Exploited by These Wannabe Native Americans of the New Age Movement!

Do you know that the Macu, the big eyes of the Night Owl are now upon you? The Mucaro, Night Eagle, who is the messenger of Opiel Guabiron, the Dog-Man keeper of the door of the Guacara, the Cave entrance to the Heavens or Underworld of the ancient Coabey is aware of your actions!


Some Taino older Tribal Elders of the Taino Caney Longhouse have requested that I as Tribal Elder make a public statement as it pertains to the traditional Spirituality of the Medicine circle of the Taino people. The Taino people have a Caney longhouse that is the Sacred Stone Circle or Medicine Wheel of our People. It has only been in recent years that the traditional Taino longhouse has come out of the Guaraca (The Cave) to show an authorative Taino presence within the general public. The Taino Longhouse has been for many years shrouded in a veil of secrecy, due to its past encounters with the foreign European religious forces that in 1492 posed a major threat to its extistance and attempted religious destruction. Now we face another strange encounter after our re-emergence, with a new group of people "New Agers" seeking the knowledge of our Taino Ancestors and their handed down ancient wisdom. Today within the Spanish speaking communities, you will find some New Age plastic people reading cards that they call Sacred Cards. You will find also Palm Reading and Spiritualism. It has even gotten to the point of selling, for the right price $500.00 To $1000.00 Dollars for a so-called "Taino Certificate of Beique". These unknowing yet, foolish Taino and "New Age White People" are being certified as Taino Native American Medicine people. We further have noticed some plastic Taino people parading around claiming to be Taino Native American Bohike's (Shamans) who practice a mixed Euro-African-Taino religion called Santeria, with the name of "La Siete Potencias del Indio" (The Seven Powers of the Indian) for the purpose of monetary gain and exploitation of unknowing Taino people. Our People's Spiritual Caney Elders teach us that the mixing of two different Religions is not a very wise practice, because in many cases this will lead people into a sad bitter path of confusion and Spiritual disharmony. Any Taino person claiming to be a Taino Bohike (Shaman) and who willfully accepts or requests money for his or her herbal healings or teachings of our Taino Sacred Caney Longhouse Ceremonial ways or in doing a spiritual healing upon a person, will in the eyes of our Taino Sacred Arocoel's (Grandfathers), "have to pay in the end a very costly price for their dishonorable spiritual actions, in the eyes of our Earth Mother Atabey (The Univeral Mother) and our Creator Yocahu Bagua Maorocoti" who is also known by his ancient name of "Yaya" (The Great Spirit) the Creator of our existing Universe.

I WILL SAY NO MORE! Arocoel Guanikeyu Feb. 7, 1997

Statement By The Taino Elders Longhouse On Taino Tribal Laws and Taino Sacred Objects

PLEASE NOTE, "These Tribal Longhouse pages are not here to help with the exploitation of our Taino traditional spiritual ways, but to help guide our people in the correct direction of their true Spirituality". We Would also like to make it very clear, that when we Tainos are speaking of "RAINBOW WARRIORS", we are not speaking in any way about "N.A.M. or The New Age Rainbow Movement". We are speaking about the Great Cree Nation's past Vision of "THE RETURN OF THE RAINBOW WARRIORS". This is the symbol of our Taino People's Colibri Hummingbird Warriors, the keepers of Atabey the Mother Earth. These colors that we speak of, are the many reflective colors, from the rays of our Sun Father upon the "Sacred Wings of the Guacariga" the Guani or Noble Bee Hummingbird of the tropical Caribbean Island Rainforest.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: It is a known fact by the Elders of the Taino People that Arocoel Guanikeyu, has been for a number of years an apprentice Bohike, under the teachings of the Sacred Arocoel's Don Manuel, Dona Monsita and Don Goyo, Dona Rodriguez of Taino People. He started his spiritual apprenticeship at a young age of 14 years, under the watchful eyes of his beloved sacred mother Dona Josefina Perez-Rodriguez, who was known by her Taino Tribe as Macheta "The Planter Or The Woman With The Green thumb".

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