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September 28, 2000


Welcome to the Social Culture Taino Newsgroup! This archive contains information and other resources related to the ethnic Taino, Carib and Arawak Indigenous People's social cultural issues, facing our Indigenous society's cultural survival within a modern day Eurocentric society. Visiting the South American Amazonian rainforest, Lesser Antillies and the Mayjor Antillies of the Caribbean Islands of Boriken (Puerto Rico), Haiti (Santo Domingo/Haiti), Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Bimini (Florida) and its Indigenous communities, their traditional "Bagua" (Caribbean Sea) homeland of the first Native American Indian People who met and discovered and met Don Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) On the Caribbean Island of Guanahani (San Salvador), on the Friday morning of October 12, 1492.

This Soc.Culture.Taino USERNET Newsgroup is a descussion Forum on Taino Indigenbous Social Culture and political development of our contemporaty Taino society. This Forum hopes to provide the general public with an informative resource from the standpoint of all the Taino communities. It will serve as a kind of Caribbean Bohio, (Roundhouse) as a "Roundhouse of Taino Knowledge" that in the past was culturally supressed by the past colonial opposition forces in the Caribbean Islands and in United States diaspora. We hope that this new Taino social cultural coomunity resource is useful to you and that you decide to take part in this Taino Native American Indian peoples Newsgroup And contribute with your good Taino ethnic coomunity ideas.

On Adding Other Taino Information Within This Social Culture Taino Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions FAQ File

We will be adding new information and resources to this Internet Usernet newsgroup FAQ Frequently Asked Questions file on a monthly bases. If you want some resources or information posted within this SCT FAQ archive, then please do feel free to send us a message addressed to: titc-inc@dandy.net with the list of Information and resources you want posted within the FAQ. This SCT PAQ archive can always be found on the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc. Home Page. Its (URL) locations is http://www.hartford-hwp.com/taino/docs/faqsct.html and also at the Jatibonicu'Longhouse Home Page http://www.taino-tribe.org/faqsct.html

Do note: If you should by chance see or notice a mistakes within this SCT FAQ, please bring it to our attention so it can be corrected.

Rules of the Social Culture Taino Newsgroup

1. Please note: This is a Moderated Usenet Newsgroup. As you are solely an invited quest of The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc. and its members. You are not thus permitted to enter this newsgroup to disrupt or make any negative comments or racial remarks against the Taino people. If you plan on carring on these kind of direct or indirect childish activity within this Newgroup Forum, then please take note that, you have been formally "WARNED", by the Taino Inter-Tribal organization, as we will not toleratte any disrespect to us or our forum members. The Social Culture Taino Forum Moderator and Administrator have the full authority and right to automaticly ban you from the Taino Internet Newsgroup.

2. No vulgar foul language, no Porno or any racist remarks are permitted in our Taino newsgroup. You will be permanently banned from this Newsgroup if you violate these rules.


3. A Social Culture Taino Newsgroup member may not use more than one users name and E-mail address. This is not permitted in the Taino Newsgroup as this is grounds for Nopost or Banning them from posting in the Taino Peoples Indigenous Newsgroup.

4. No Spamming of any kind is permitted in the forum. Spamming or the sending into the forum of any kind of business promotional messages are not permitted. This includes all Festivals, Pow-Wows, Celebrations to gather for the purpose of collecting money etc.

NOTE: If its not free to the general public then its business. Its just another business orinented promotional form or money making scheme.

You will need to get the exclusive permission of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council's Soc.Culture.Taino USERNET Newsgroup, Moderator before you post these public messages. If you do not have the permission you can not post them. If you do post it without our permission you will be warned once. After that your name will then placed in a Kill file and permanently banned from posting in the SCT newsgroup.


Send all promotional business type messages to the Taino Peoples's Newsgroup Moderator Mr. Juan Antonio Perez, at the following E-Mail address: Webmaster@Taino-Tribe.Org

What are the official Taino People's National Observence Days

The two main Taino National days observed today by Taino Native American Indians of Puerto Rico and the Carbe are as follows: On "November 18th", The Day of Rememberance called "GUAROCO" the last known day of TAINO NATIONAL FREEDOM of 1493. This day was official marked on November 18, 1993 by The Council of Arocoels (Grandfathers or Elders) as a Day of Honoring our Taino ancestors in Boriken by the Caribbean Island Tainos. It is also observeed in Florida, New Jersy, New York or by other Tainos living in the United States. It was on a Saturday of November 18th 1493 that our people "dicovered" Colon (Columbus) and his flag Ship the Santa Maria, along with the other European Spanish invaders.

On "November 19th" It was on a Sunday that our people lost their GOD GIVEN FREEDOM. This observance day is called GUAAJI, "A Day of Protest to the Invasion and Mass Genocide" upon our "Sovereign Taino Indigenous People of the Caribbean & Florida". This day further marks the begining of the Taino Slavery, of a brutal inhuman Mass Genocide backed by the Catholic Church and its Catholic Kings of Spain upon some 6 to 8 Million of our Taino ancestors, a "kind" & trusting "Gentle" people. This day we ask that all THE CATHOLIC CHURCHS silence their STEEPLE BELLS in an act of "Respectful silence" to the Taino people in this sad day of the "MOURNING" for our masacred Taino Caribbean ancestors.

On what Day did the Taino People officially Reorganize?

The Taino People officially reorganized in the Caribbean on November 18, 1993. It took place on the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) at the "Taino Indigenous Ceremonial Grounds" of "El Batey Ceremonial de Caguanas", (Ceremonial Ball Court of Caguanas) at Barrio Caguanas, Utuado Puerto Rico. The Indigenous leaders, Elders and many of the Island Born Tainos of, "The Taino Indigenous Movement of Boriken (Puerto Rico)" gathered in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Yes the Taino people had finally met in the Caribbean region after 500 years at this sacred Taino ceremony site at Barrio Caguanas, to reaffirm their ethnic Taino Caribbean nationality. The island people met under the leadership of the Elders of "The Taino Council of Boriken". The first Taino Indigenous Congress was held in Boriken (Puerto Rico) at Barrio Caguanas the following year, with the majority of the representatives from the Taino organizations of the Caribbean and United States diaspora.

What Is The Official Governing body Of The Taino People

Presently the majority of the Taino people and Taino organizations have a common bond of Friendship, that is the official voice of the majority of the known Taino leaders and their organizational members, throughout the Caribbean and United States diaspora. WE THE TAINO PEOPLE! In our ancient Caribbean history our humble Taino ancestors traditionally, have always referred to themselves as WE THE TAINO PEOPLE or WE THE PEOPLE! The colonial Term "nation" is a European concept. It is not a Native American Indian concept. Never the less the Jatibonicu Taino People have formed a Tribal Nation known as the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken.



The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation Home Page

Where do I find Taino Indigenous Cultural Events?

If you are looking for Taino Indigenous cultural related events, you may find a list of events within the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Homepage under "Taino Community On-Line Bulletin Board of Events" the URL address is:

Taino Community Events

Where do I find files related to the Taino People's culture?

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council in the United States provides a nice Public bulletin Board Service in New Jersey. It is a National Taino Database of the Taino Indian People of the Caribbean, called in our Taino Language "Gua Colibri" The Hummingbird Colibri Taino BBS, it can be reached via the use of any "computer communication program" and a "computer modem" the BBS Data number is 856-825-7922. Please See the following Internet URL for more information:

Taino Archives And Indigenous BBS Database

Where do I find Taino related cultural art or images?

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council provides a "Taino Image Gallery" with many Cultural and educational Images that support the Taino struggle for National Cultural Identity. It can be reached at URL address:

Taino Image Gallery

The Little Taino Indian Rainbow Crafts Shop Taino Arts and Crafts

Were Can I Find Taino Cultural Groups And other Resources

You can find a Taino Resources List sponsored by The Taino Inter-Tribal Council, at the Native American Indian Heritage Foundation's Internet Web site. addresses:

Taino People's Resources List

You can also find other related Taino Resources at:

The Taino People's Home Page

Visit The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation Home Page

The NJ-US Regional Jatibonicu' Tribal Council Home Page

LOS HIJOS DE JATIBONICU (The Sons of Jatibonicu') is another Taino Tribal Council dance group located in Southern New Jersey, who are Members of the Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu' of Boriken. They are a traditional Tribal dance group of the Jatibonicu' Tribe of Boriken. They can be reached via the NJ United States Regional office of the Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu' a Native American Indian Tribal organization, by Contacting the Dance Group's Director at 856-690-1565.

Where are the Taino-L forum message archives found?

The Taino-L archives are found at The Connecticut State University For a full complete list of all the Taino-L Forum message Archives check out the Internet URL address At http://corso.ccsu.ctstateu.edu/archives/taino and other Taino archives can be found via the Internet at The Connecticut State Library Archives at The 1995-96 And 97 Taino Archives

Where Can I Find Taino Genealogy Information?

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council provides a Taino Genealogy Project that works to link other Taino people to their Taino family Roots.

You may contact the Taino Inter-Tribal Council and its Genealogy Project Committee for any help with becoming a TITC Taino Genealogy member and obtain any Related membership information via the Internet by sending a message to the following E-Mail address: titc-inc@dandy.net

Where Can I Find Taino Language Resources?

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council provides a Taino Language Project that workd to reconstruct the traditional Classic Taino language. The Language project hopes to be able to teach a Pre-Columbian and Contemporary Form of our traditional Florida and Caribbean Island Taino language dialect. The Taino Language Project


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