Taino Internet Relay Chat Rooms


An introduction to IRC chat rooms

What is a IRC Chat Room?

A chat room is an on-line area in cyberspace where people can meet in a "room" to share their thoughts by typing from their keyboards and viewing the messages that pass back and forth between other participants in the chat room.

What is IRC software?

IRC software is a program that is installed in your computer and permits you to communicate with the other participants in a chat room on one of the IRC internet servers that are connected to a network. You can download software from the MIRC Home Page: www.mirc.co.uk

What is an IRC nework?

This is a group of server computers that host the registered chat rooms of the network's IRC users. You will find many networks on servers such as Superchat, Anothernet, Undernet and many others.

What is Superchat?

Superchat is the IRC network that we use to host our four Taino chat room channels. The server's location is superchat: US, NJ, New Brunswick, and its name is Superchat.

What is an Op?

An Op is the person in charge of running and keeping control of the users within the chat rooms. We do hope that you will respect his or her orders, for they have the power to kick you out or ban you completely from all the IRC chat rooms.

The Taino Native Chat Room channels

The following are the four registered IRC chat rooms on the Superchat server and network which are registered with ChanServ for the Taino non-profit educational organization known as of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council, Inc. of the State of New Jersey.

The Taino Chat Room is a private chat room used by the members of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council to conduct or host the national and regional Inter-Tribal Council meetings of its TITC Board of Directors and regional Taino Tribal Circles found in other parts of the present day United States and Puerto Rico. We hold this meeting on the Internet world wide web cyberspace world community.

In this day and age, as we Native Americans move into the year 2000, we must learn to use the many new communications tools or capabilities available to our communities today.

The Boriken chat room serves as a place were members of the Taino communities, its leaders and teachers, can meet to learn about Taino culture by conducting on-line classrooms in the educational area of Taino Indigenous Cultural Retention. The Taino have lost much of their culture because of the Eurocentric domination of Spanish colonialism. These private on-line classes hope to reestablish new cultural awareness in the areas of Taino language, Taino art, Taino history and private traditional Taino Native American studies.

We hope to give our youth a clearer understanding of what our Native American customs and values are all about in a modern and growing society. Note that these class are open to the members of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council and its Taino Tribal associates, the NJ United States regional Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu' and the members of the tribe of Jatibonicu' of the MounTAINOus tribe of Jatibonicu' in Boriken, aka Puerto Rico.

The Native Chat Room is a place were all the indigenous nations of the Americas can meet and share in many common concerns that effect our Native American communities thoughout America. Some foolish Eurocentric nationalistic United States apple-pie type Native Americans have a foolish concept that the center of America is the United States OF America and that the rest of the continent is not America. Well for these and other reasons we have created this this N.A. Chat Rooms of La raza indigena, The Indigenous Race of America. Latinos and Anglos and speakers of all other Native American languages are much welcome here, without any prejudice whatsoever! This is the Round House of Amikekia Caguama (Our land of peace the Turtle Island) America that we Native Americans all know and love.

This Taino Batey is the traditional Taino meeting place of the Yucayeke (Village) and its people. In the Batey del Taino many Taino community issues will be addressed within this Batey Chat Room. This chat room is open to all Tainos who are members and non-members of Taino community organizations that want to bring up any social, environmental ecology or any other political issues effecting the Caribbean Island communities and our other United States based Taino communities.

For further information on joining the IRC Taino NATIVEchat rooms, please contact:

The Secretary of The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc.
Beverly Carey Torres
at E-Mail: titc-inc@dandy.net

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