All About the Name of Jatibonicu
and the Historic Spanish Written confusion of Our Taino Language

Tau Natiao (Hello Brothers),

After studying the words Jatibonico and Jatibonuco it was found through Taino linguistic study that the two words Jatibonuco and Jatibonico where the letters "u" and "o" and were incorrectly used. It should read Jatibonicu be the "I" and "U" sounds, in our Taino language has where cu means sacred or sacred Place. It's grammaticaly correct in our language to say Jatibonicu. It seems those so-call Spanish Historians of the 1400 or 1500's have used an incorrect spelling or sound in our language by ending or misspelling the word.

Many people have argued over this for many years, and that is why you will find this word spelled in many so-called dictionaries of the Taino language as Jatibonicu, Hatibonico, Jatibonuco and Jatibonico. The city of Aibonito on the Island of Boriken (or Puerto Rico) furthermore carries a corruption of the word Jatibonicu due to the Spanish historians' misspelling of Taino vocal sounds.

Ja'-ti-bo-ni-cu'"Sacred High Place of the Great Waters"
Ja' Ja'Sound used in "admiration" in Jai! or Guay!
TiHighTall, High or Elevation
BoGreatBig, Great or Greatness
NiWatersWater or Noble
CuSacred PlaceSacred or Sacred Place

Please Note The Following

Usage of accent marks on the "a" sound, as in Ja' for "admiration"

"Sacred High Place of the Great Waters" or as we officially refer to ourselves
by the Taino tribal name Jatibonicu' "Great People of the Sacred High Waters"

You will find this word on other Taino islands. For example:
In Santo Domingo in the old Region of Bainoa you find two areas called Atibonico and another called Hatibonico and a river called Aibonito. The forementioned word is also found on the island of Cuba as the name of two major rivers bearing the correct name of Jatibonicu.
Don Bartolomeo de las Casas claims in his writings, as he did live in Cuba back in the 1500's, that it is spelled "Hatibonico."

Notice is hereby given

From this day of Febuary 17, 1997, all documents related to the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc., The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken, The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Band of New Jersey and El Consejo Taino de Jatibonicu, aka the Taino Council of Jatibonicu, El Comite del Festival de Jatibonicu, aka The Jatibonicu Taino Festival Committee, will no longer use the misspelled letters "o" sound "u" sound as was used in the past under our tribal name.

All known documents will be "amended" by Taino leaders and members associated with these Taino Tribal Organizations of the Taino Indigenous People of the Caribbean & Florida.

Comment on the NJ Taino Tribal Band

The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal band of New Jersey name and its tribe name in Puerto Rico is hereby corrected from Jatibonuco to Jatibonicu' and as a tribal group will remain as was constitutionally established on November 18, 1970 and that was further ratified in New Jersey on November 24, 1970 and again in 1993 by its Taino Tribal Council of Elders of Jatibonicu'. We will further maintain an official office of Taino Tribal Affairs within New Jersey and its regional council. The United States regional council office will serve to conduct all official tribal council business between the Jatibonicu' tribe and the state Governments of Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Florida, the United States Federal Government and the United Nations NGO on Indigenous Affairs.

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