The Legend Of The Rainbow And Colibri The Hummingbird

It was said by our Taino ancestors of Boriken that the Colibri, the Hummingbirds, at one time were little black flies that the Yaya-Yocahu, the Creator, had them transformed by Aguaybaba, the Sun Father, into little green birds. They were known in ancient times by another name "Guacariga" which means in the Taino language the "Rays of the Sun". The reflection of the Agueybaba's rays of brilliant sunlight upon the delicate wings of the Sacred Guacariga the Hummingbird. These brilliant colors are the main three colors that were seen in the sacred Rainbow of Jatibonicu in the ancient times of the First Generation of life.

A Common Sight Or Another Taino Prophecy?

In the month of November 1996 this same 3 colored Rainbow appeared and quickly disapeared. It was seen at the same time by three Tainos Native American over the central Region of the island of Boriken. This kind of disappearing Rainbow is surly an uncommon sight in the Caribbean. Most Rainbows commonly hang in the sky for a good time before they disappear. These Rainobows are very common sight that are seen on many of the Caribbean islands. Now to see a 3 colored Rainbow of Red, Yellow and Green is a very rare occurance. This was noted by the Spiritual Elders as a sign of another Taino prophecy of a promise to the people. According to what was said by the Taino Spiritual Island Elders of Boriken. They said the meaning of this 3 colored Rainbow is as follows, the 3 colors; Red being the symbol of "The Blood of a Nitayno, the true heir of Cacike Orocobix who would be born in Boriken and walk with gentle steps upon Atabey, the Earthmother, as a Peace Maker of the people"; Yellow being the symbol of "The New Dawn of the Alumination of the rising Sunfather upon the people"; Green being "The Guacararoco Cacibajagua, the rememberance of the Cave Cacibajagua, of the people that emerged from Atabey, the EarthMother, from the past 5 generations and that this would mark the dawn of the new re-emergence in the times of the New 6th Generation"

The Promise In The Dawn Of The 6th Generation

This 3 colored Rainbow, the Spiritual Elders said, was a sign of an acient promise made to the true descendant of Cacike Orocobix. The MounTAINOus Kingdom known as Jatibonicu would be restored to its rightful heir in a promise by Yaya-Yocahu, The Creator, via the sign of a 3 colored Rainobow. This Nobleman would come to appear before the people, the heir to the ancient throne of his ancestor's past Jatibonicu Yucayeke, or Village, and his place would be restored to him by his Taino people. Those who would honor him and those who will know him tomarrow for his humbleness and what he would symbolize as a true Peace Maker of people. He would be dressed in cotton whites as did the Jibaro and would wear a golden Guanin upon his chest, he would be known as the true heir of his Grandfather's kingdom of Jatibonicu by his people.

The Meaning Of The Colors Of The Great Rainbow

The colors of the great sacred Rainobow of Jatibonicu would further represent the pollination or the Love that would be spread upon the flowers or the people by the Son of The Hummingbird over the present day mixed blood Taino people of the down of "New Rainbow Generation" with todays White Cloud people. The White Cloud people now make up part of the 4 colors of human kind of the 4 acient Twins the Caracaracoels, the 4 Grandfathers of humanity.

To be continued in the Chapter called "Visions Of The Cohoba" part of the book called "Three Million Tears" by Elder Guanikeyu.

Tribal Legend Keeper: Elder Guanikeyu, Jatibonicu' Tribe, Copyright TITC Inc. (C) 1995-98
Photography: Wilfredo Alvardo 609-696-4571
Music: "Orocobix.wav" by The Taino Group: The Christalites, Ciales, PR

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